Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Praying For Baby Miranda

A college friend’s baby niece was born under tragic circumstances the other day. His brother and sister in law were involved in a car crash, the injuries from which eventually claimed the life of the wife. 45 minutes after the accident, doctor’s “delivered” the infant, who began a fight for her life.

As I’m typing this, the father has said that his family is going through the slow process of letting everyone hold the baby, Miranda, and “enjoy her life”. As she has shown no signs of brain activity for a few days, they are removing her life support.

This man has lost his wife and is about to lose his infant daughter, all in the course of about 48 hours.

When people share these tragic stories and invite you to join the “Please pray for…” Facebook pages, I often feel guilty that I don’t feel more personally affected by the situations. But this one punched me right in the gut. I can’t wrap my brain around it. I can only assume it’s because I can identify with this one. It wasn’t so long ago that I was in the hospital with my own wife and newborn baby girl. But we were there under very different circumstances.

I don’t know this man. I wasn’t close to the guy I went to college with. And I only learned his brother’s name a few minutes ago. But I’m crying for the man and sharing his pain.

And I, like so many others, keep asking, “Where is God in this?” I’m not saying, “How could God let this happen” or “How can there be a God when stuff like this happens”. But I will not pretend to know what purpose this could be serving.

I’ve often thought that the first moments of Heaven will be like the ending of a movie like Memento or Pulp Fiction…where we see the details of millions and millions of seemingly unconnected stories all come together and make total – and beautiful – sense. But when thinking that one of those details is this thing that’s happening today…that’s gonna have to be one seriously beautiful story for it to come out OK.

So, where is God in this? I don’t know, but I pray that He keeps His hand on Chad. That God let’s His presence and peace be known to Chad in some way.

The only thing I can think – and I definitely don’t think that this is God’s ultimate plan here – is how many people have been touched by this. When I first looked at the “Pray for Baby Miranda” event on Facebook, several thousand had indicated their “attendance”. I looked a half hour later and 2,000 more had. My wife and I just sat her with our computer and clicked back and forth. Every single time we clicked on the event (with just 3 seconds having passed since our last visit), there were more folks in attendance. Sometimes it was 2 more. One time it was 70 more.

I’ve never seen ANYthing like that before.

I’m sure Chad’s a super guy, but there’s no way he has over 18,000 close friends. This thing has touched A LOT of people. And how awesome a thought it is that 18,000 people are lifting up this man in their own way.

I pray that Chad can take some measure comfort in that.

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