Monday, April 18, 2011

Get Your Band On Dirty Roots Radio!

In an effort to enhance the community aspect of Dirty Roots Radio, I’m proud to launch what I hope will become a weekly feature on the program: Buckaroo Bob’s Troubadour Lounge.

As activity on the Dirty Roots Radio Facebook page has increased, I’ve made connections with more and more bands of all varieties from all over the world. It occurred to me that it would be cool to not only explore the music of these bands and learn more about their music myself, but also to share these bands with the Dirty Roots Radio audience, located, literally, all over the world.

OK the name…there’s no special meaning. Phrases sometimes occur to me and stick in my brain until I have the chance to use them. “Buckaroo Bob’s Troubadour Lounge” is one such phrase.

Any and all bands are welcome to submit themselves for consideration to be featured on Buckaroo Bob’s Troubadour Lounge. Dirty Roots specializes in renegade country, raw blues, vintage gospel, greasy soul, punk, and funk, which covers an awful lotta ground…so if your band falls under that umbrella, gimme a shout.

If you’re in a local band in the area (the Greenville, IL area) and we already have connections, I’ll be very happy to feature you on the show in another capacity. Buckaroo Bob’s Troubadour Lounge is exclusively to showcase bands from further away, that I wouldn’t have a connection to were it not for Facebook.

To get a spot on Buckaroo Bob’s Troubadour Lounge, send an email to: Include whatever information you can, including a website, contact info, etc. I’ll contact you with a few easy questions and when I hear back from you, I’ll write up a bio on you/your band and post it on my blog, share it on Facebook, and feature one of your songs on the Dirty Roots Radio Show.

Hopefully all of the above will bring your music to a whole new audience in all-new areas. And it’ll definitely add a new flavor to Dirty Roots.

So, let a brotha know! Hit me up at and we’ll spread the love!

Tune in to Dirty Roots Radio every Thursday night from 8 to 10 p.m. (central) on WGRN 89.5 FM. Listen online from anywhere in the world at



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