Monday, April 25, 2011


*swear word alert - if that kinda thing bothers you

This is about a guy I know…

Brotha’s a big dude. Nothing excessive. Big boneded and all. Carries his weight pretty well. Overall, Brotha’s healthy.

Brotha gets a job sitting at a desk and puts on a few more pounds.

Brotha’s an emotional eater.

The reality and stress of grown-up adult life couples with a family history and Brotha gets a little sad.

Brotha talks to people.

People give Brotha some medicine to help him feel better.

Brotha doesn’t want to do that, but he wants to get better. For everyone.
So Brotha takes it.

Number one side effect of Brotha’s medicine is weight gain.

Brotha is given a different medicine to help with the weight.

Brotha gains more weight.

Brotha hits a pretty righteous phase of life and gets off the medicine.

Works hard.

Feels better.

Loses weight.

Life jumps up and bites Brotha in the ass.

Brotha doesn’t wanna…but Brotha gets back on medicine.

Emotional eater Brotha.

Brotha gains more weight.

Brotha is given ANOTHER new medicine.

Brotha gains more weight

Brotha knows the emotional eating thing is all on him. Brotha doesn’t like that. But it’s a slippery slope and all.

When Brotha’s not on the medicine, Brotha loses weight easy.

But, Brotha’s trying to keep himself healthy in the head and not be so sad.

Brotha doesn’t like the weight thing, though.

Brotha’s questioning a lot.

Brotha’s got problems with faith. Brotha’s questioning identity. Brotha’s worried ‘bout worth.

Brotha’s kinda havin’ a hard time with some stuff.

Someone says some really ignorant shit to Brotha.

Makes Brotha feel really bad. Which doesn’t help Brotha.

Brotha already knows he’s fat.

Brotha knows he’s gotta do something. Brotha wants to. Brotha will.

But in the meantime…

Before you say some dumb shit to someone that you don’t know nothin’ about…

Think about my Brotha Man.

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