Thursday, May 26, 2011

T Model Ford: Put A Stamp On Yo' Woman

If you’re going to see T-Model Ford tonight at Off Broadway in St. Louis, it just occurred to me that I left a vital piece of information out of the blog post I wrote about him the other day…

If you’re going to tonight’s show – or any other show in any other city, for that matter – PUT A STAMP ON YOUR WOMAN!!!!

T-Model Ford has been married 6 times. He has 26 children that he knows of. He has more grandchildren than he’s ever been able to count. Obviously, he ain’t got no problem with the ladies.

When I interviewed T-Model back in 2008, he told me plainly that he wasn’t lookin’ to stir up no trouble, “but if your woman comes around, and she’s lookin’ mistreated…if she flags my train, I’m gon’ let her ride.” Thankfully, he also told me he liked me. He therefore informed me that if I put a stamp on my woman to let him know she was mine…he’d leave her be.

My wife hasn’t gone with me any of the times I’ve seen T-Model Ford. Never seemed worth the risk of takin’ her.

But if your special lady is coming with you tonight – or, again, any night – and if you want her to leave with you…FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT’S GOOD AND DECENT...


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