Thursday, May 19, 2011

What Am I SUPPOSED To Listen To???

So, I have this job (the “other” me).

In this job, I’m a “professional”. I wear a work “costume”, which involves a tie most days. I sit at a desk.

As part of my job I teach a monthly customer service class to new employees.

Following the class, I take the new hires on a tour of the facility.

I keep the class very laid back and casual. I didn’t wear a tie today. I made ‘em laugh. A lot.

On the tour, two maintenance men walked by. I pointed them out, teased them, they teased me…everyone had a laugh.

One of the maintenance guys’ cell phones went off with a ringtone of an AC/DC song. I pointed out that it was AC/DC.

And several comments were made, clearly in shock and awe that I knew AC/DC.

I jokingly told them all not to judge me because I wear a tie most days.

But then it got me to thinking…

I’m a "grown up". I’m a “professional” (at least in their eyes). I wear an office “costume”. A tie most days.

What does that mean I’m supposed to listen to…



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