Sunday, July 31, 2011


This morning, my family is going to church for the first time in a long while. My daughter is extra excited and got to wear a fancy dress. While I was getting ready she came in to show me her dress, sandals, and hair, in all of her majestic, angelic glory. She was beautiful.

After she proudly modeled for me, she turned and left, sashaying with all of the splendiferous elegance that a four year old can muster. As she gracefully walked away…

She picked her wedgie.

Now…this is not a “my daughter is funny because she’s beautiful but still does gross stuff…oh, aren’t four-year-olds cute?” kind of post.

No, this is a “wouldn’t life be better if we all took a page from four-year-olds?” post.

I’m saying we should pick our wedgies.

I’m saying we should do what we’re supposed to do. Be responsible. Get dressed up when we should. Be kinda proud when we do – but not pompous. We should be excited about the good things in life.

But, if you got a wedgie…you should pick it.

I don’t mean be gross. I’m not talking about not having manners and burping and farting and scratching.

I’m talking about the absurdities that usually accompany decorum. Decorum is OK. Decorum for its own sake is not. Decorum for the sake of taking ourselves and the entirety of life too seriously is not OK. And when decorum becomes a measuring stick for “betterness” over others, it’s DEFINITELY not OK.

So go, get dressed up. Be excited about it. Have fun.

But let’s be real. If you got a wedgie, for God’s sake, get it.

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