Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Awful, Beautiful Life

If you’ve read many of my music-related blog posts, or listened to my radio show, you know I’m fascinated with the dichotomy of life. I talk a lot about how the music I like is raw and rough, but has elements of beauty to it; much like life. Conversely, I love when beautiful music has some kind of raw element incorporated into it, which life often does, too.

It pains me to give any attention to anything having to do with commercial country music (especially when the writer and performer of the song scored much of his success through banal patriotic songs), but Darryl Worley’s tune (co-written with Harley Allen), “Awful Beautiful Life” says it pretty well:

“I love this crazy, tragic,
Sometimes almost magic,
Awful, beautiful life”

That’s life; Beautiful one minute, awful the next. And sometimes, both in the same minute.

Today, I noticed a feeble old lady in a wheelchair. I saw her from behind, and noticed that she’d hung a sign on the back of her wheelchair. It said:


As most of you know I am a perpetually grumpy cantankerous troll of an old/young man. But I walked a little lighter after seeing that. It brightened my day.

But, a very short time later I came upon another old lady. This one was standing outside of a doorway, having what looked to be a heated conversation with someone, invisible to me, standing on the other side of the doorway. As I neared, I realized she was having that conversation with her own reflection.

And I got really pissed off at life again.

One feeble old lady who won’t give up. One who no longer has all of her mind, fighting with the woman in the mirror.

Now, isn’t that a perfect(ly ugly) illustration of this “awful, beautiful life”?

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