Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Grand Ole Opry...

As I type this, Rascal Flatts is being inducted as the newest members of the Grand Ole Opry.

Rascal Flatts…the modern country group…purveyors of the “tight acid washed jeans, lavender striped and over-starched button-up shirts, wanna-be badass biker leather wristbands, and frosted spiky hair” look. Peddlers of the whiny voiced twang-less, ball-less style of washed out 1970s corporate cookie cutter arena rock crap that passes for country music these days.

The Grand Ole Opry…the long-standing institution, based on country music tradition. The protector of the legacy and heritage of country music.

The same Grand Ole Opry that banned Johnny Cash for busting out footlights; banned him for LIFE.

The same Grand Ole Opry that banned Hank Williams for chasing women, eating pills, drinkin’, and getting’ wild (have these people ever HEARD a country song?!?!???)

The same Grand Ole Opry who despite banning Hank, have a bronze bust of him in their entry way and who continually make money off his likeness and life’s work.

You know what…never mind…

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