Sunday, November 13, 2011

Dirty Roots Radio Listener Review: Lou Reed & Metallica's LULU

Dirty Roots Radio listener Brett Bickley, of New Jersey, shares his thoughts on the new Lou Reed/Metallica collaboration, "Lulu"...

I'll start by clarifying a few things right off the bat. I love Lou Reed. I love Metallica. I was in Madison Square Garden the night they played together for the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Anniversary Concerts. It was badass. Say what you will but Lou Reed is was and always will be the epitome of rock & roll cool. And, Metallica are no slouches at their game, either. The heavy metal band from the Bay Area has shown talent, growth, endurance and literal blood and tears.

So, guess what? I think LULU is fantastic. It is Lou Reed being the best damned Lou Reed you have heard in a very long time. I mean there is no one else who can "sing" the words, "The smell of your armpits, the taste of your vulva" as Lou does. The subject material in LULU makes the songs on BERLIN sound like a Justin Bieber album. Metallica provides the dissonant clash and clang that Lou's voice and the songs need to make you feel the angst and building madness. Kudos to James Hetfield for taking a backseat and providing such stellar back-up to Lou's vocals.

My new dream combination? Tom Waits with Tool.

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