Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What My Daughter is Thankful For

My daughter's Four-Year Old Preschool class held their Thanksgiving program last night. Most of the kids dressed up as food...Kate was a piece of bread. After the show, they gave all the parents a scrapbook page that their kids made, with a transcript of what the kids told their teachers they were thankful for.

Here's my daughter's:

"I am thankful for my dollies and for dancing and for spending the night with my best friend. I am thankful for my dad and when we went to the Daddy-Daughter Dance and when we go on dates at the Bread Company sometimes. I am thankful for my mom and getting to stay up late with her or go to a hotel with her. I am thankful for crafts – my mom lets me use sparkle stuff, like diamonds. I am thankful when my family goes out for Mexican – I love the beans! I am thankful for helping my mom with the flowers and for birthdays. I am thankful for when I get to go to Daddy’s work and for when I start out with him at bedtime. I am thankful for mac’n’cheese and for walks at the park with Gracie [our dog] – even if she be’s crazy! I am thankful for my Princess costume and for music."

And what else is there? Perfect.

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