Thursday, December 15, 2011

Real Life Punk Rock Blues

Trouble abounds where I’m headed today

Misery and heartbreak

Tears and blood

Unhappiness and unfairness resulting from the unnecessary Clampdown that exists only because some fat cats somewhere who sit high above the muck and have nothing to worry about say this is just “real life” Down Here (w/the Rest of Us).

As I dropped off my kid at the sitter today, she said she didn’t feel like going.

I told her she definitely didn’t want to go where I was going today.

I told her to go and play and have fun and be young.

And as she walked in, I wanted to follow her and sit and play with the other kids in the floor.

*Clampdown = The Clash
*Down Here (w/the Rest of Us) = Social Distortion

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