Thursday, September 29, 2011

DIRTY ROOTS RADIO - September 29th Playlist

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Jerry Lee Lewis – Crazy Arms
Jerry Lee Lewis – Drinkin’ Wine Spo-Dee O’Dee
Jerry Lee Lewis w/Jimmy Page – Rock & Roll
The Gourds – Gin & Juice
Muddy Waters – Mean Old Frisco Blues
David Allan Coe – You Never Called Me by My Name
Eddie Floyd – Good Love, Bad Love
Bottle Rockets – Coffee Monkey
Jerry Lee Lewis – Breathless
Jerry Lee Lewis w/John Fogerty – Travelin’ Band
Tom Waits – Back In the Crowd
Joan Jett & the Blackhearts – (I’m Gonna) Run Away
Jerry Lee Lewis w/Bruce Springsteen – Pink Cadillac
Jerry Lee Lewis – High School Confidential
ZZ Top – Jesus Just Left Chicago
Elvis Presley – Wearin’ That Loved On Look
Charles Bradley – Heart of Gold
Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings – Just Dropped In To See What Condition My Condition Is In
The Clash – Wrong ‘Em Boyo
Billy Bragg & Wilco – All you Fascists
The Clash – Armagideon Time
Little Jimmy Dickens – May the Bird of Paradise Fly up Your Nose
Little Jimmy Dickens – Take an Old Cold ‘Tater (and Wait)
Jimi Hendrix – Johnny Be Goode
Moby – Flower
Perry Como – Juke Box Baby
Urge Overkill – Girl, You’ll Be a Woman Soon
Cracker – Mr. Wrong
Jerry Lee Lewis – What’s Made Milwaukee Famous (Has Made a Loser Out of Me)
Scott H. Biram – Only Jesus
Johnny Dowd – Brother Jim
Easybeats – St. Louis
Social Distortion – Far Side of Nowhere
Statler Brothers – Flowers on the Wall
Jerry Lee Lewis – Money (That’s What I Want)
Jerry Lee Lewis – End of the Road



"When they look back on me I want 'em to remember me not for all my wives, although I've had a few, and certainly not for any mansions or high livin' money I made and spent. I want 'em to remember me simply for my music. " - Jerry Lee Lewis

Thursday, September 22, 2011

DIRTY ROOTS RADIO - September 22nd Playlist

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Steve Earle – Jonathan’s Song (Over Yonder)
Pine Valley Cosmonauts – Idiot Whistle
Merle Haggard – Sing Me Back Home
Grinderman – Get It On
Grandpa Jones – Night Train to Memphis
Mike Ness – Funnel of Love
Misfits – Rat Fink
The Runaways – Queens of Noise
Joan Jett & the Blackhearts – Light of Day
Bruce Springsteen – Adam Raised a Cain
Pearl Jam – Nothingman
Screamin’ Jay Hawkins – Little Bitty Pretty One
Screamin’ Jay Hawkins – I Love Paris
DJ Kool – Let Me Clear My Throat
Ry Cooder – No Banker Left Behind
The Clash – Complete Control
Dick Dale – Miserlou
Pearl Jam – Who You Are
Charles Bradley – Stay Away
Steve Earle – Breed
Hasil Adkins – No More Hot Dogs
Joan Jett & the Blackhearts – Have You Ever Seen the Rain
Leonard Cohen – Everybody Knows
Son Volt – Tear Stained Eye
Buddy Holly – Heartbeat
Kris Kristofferson – In the News
Social Distortion – She’s a Knockout
Tennessee Ernie Ford – Shot-Gun Boogie
Sir Douglas Quintet – I Wanna Be Your Mama Again
James Brown – King Heroin
James Brown – It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World
Mink Deville – Cadillac Walk
Chuck Berry – Little Queenie
Johnny Cash & Carl Perkins – Brown Eyed Handsome Man
Iggy Pop – Success
Howlin’ Wolf – Killing Floor
Robert Cage – Get Out of Here
Ramones – Do You Remember Rock ‘N’ Roll Radio
Al Green – Tired of Being Alone
Reverend Organdrum – Hang ‘Em High
Buddy Miles – Them Changes
Rufus Thomas – Rufus Rastus Johnson Brown
Cake – She’ll Come Back to Me
Johnny Thunders – Ask Me No Questions
Rev. John Wilkins – You Got to Move

Background Music: Oliver Sain - St. Louis Breakdown



"All deejays are crazy." - Andy Travis

Thursday, September 15, 2011

DIRTY ROOTS RADIO - September 15th Playlist

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The Hooten Hallers - The Ugliest Girl
Abner Jay - I'm so Depressed
Social Distortion - 99 to Life
Johnnie Taylor - Judy's Got Your Girl and Gone
Merle Haggard - Are the Good Times Really Over (I Wish a Buck Was Still Silver)
Jimi Hendrix - Bold As Love
Patti Smith - So You Wanna Be a Rock N Roll Star
Hasil Adkins - Your Memories
Chuck Berry - No Money Down
Velvet Underground - Sweet Jane
Steve Earle - Little Emperor
Leonard Cohen - If It Be Your Will
Elvis Costello - (The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes
Iggy & the Stooges - Search and Destroy
Amy Winehouse - Rehab
Bill Monroe - Uncle Pen
Dick Dale - Let's Go Trippin'
Howlin' Wolf - How Many More Years
Credence Clearwater Revival - Up Around the Bend
Kris Kristofferson - Blame It On the Stones
Cracker - Rainy Days and Mondays
The Cramps - Garbageman
Mink Deville - One Way Street
John Lee Hooker - Big Legs Tight Skirt
Johnny Cash - I See a Darkness
Mavis Staples - I Belong To the Band
Primus - My Name Is Mud
Gil Scott-Heron - New York Is Killing Me
Flying Burrito Brothers - Dark End of the Street
Black Diamond Heavies - Nutbush City Limits
Bo Diddley - Doin' the Crawdaddy
Bob Dylan - Beyond Here Lies Nothin'

Background Music: Willie Mitchell - It's Dance Time



"Freeform radio is an art form. The airwaves are the empty canvas, the producer is the artist, and the sound is the paint." - Julius Lester

Friday, September 9, 2011

DIRTY ROOTS RADIO - September 8th Playlist

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Buck Owens – Act Naturally
Willie Nelson – Midnight Rider
Howlin’ Wolf – Wang Dang Doodle
Mink Deville – Cadillac Walk
Rolling Stones – Cherry Oh Baby
Toots & the Maytalls – Sweet and Dandy
Buddy Holly – Rave On
The Cramps – Garbageman
Little Richard – The Girl Can’t Help It
Hasil Adkins – Teddy Bear
Head Cat – Bad Boy
Ray Charles – What’d I Say, Pt. 1
Possessed by Paul James – Feed the Family
Cake – Excuse Me, I Think I’ve Got Heartache
Keith Richards & the X-pensive Winos – Too Rude
Andrews Sisters – Oh Johnny, Oh Johnny, Oh!
Buddy Guy w/Johnny Lang – Midnight Train
The Clash – Pressure Drop
Hasil Adkins – She Said
Hasil Adkins – No More Hot Dogs
Rev. James Cleveland & the Angelic Choir – Peace Be Still
James Leg – Fire and Brimstone
James Brown – Get Up Offa That Thing
The Blues Brothers w/Ray Charles – Shake a Tail Feather
Neil Diamond – Thank the Lord for the Night Time
Jerry Reed – Lord, Mr. Ford
Supersuckers – Roadworn and Weary
Rolling Stones – Before They Make Me Run
Bo Diddley – Pills
New York Dolls – Personality Crisis
The Cramps – TV Set
Smith – Baby, It’s You
Social Distortion – Far Side of Nowhere
Statler Brothers – Flowers on the Wall
Bare Jr. – If You Choose Me
Mavis Staples – Wrote a Song for Everyone
Willie Nelson – Nothing I Can Do About It Now
Willie Nelson – Picture In a Frame
Tom Waits – Bad as Me
Rev. Charlie Jackson – God’s Got It
Elmo Williams & Hezekiah Early – Blue Jumped the Rabbit
Elvis Costello – Pump It Up
Big Joe Turner – Lipstick Powder and Paint
Chuck Berry – Havana Moon
Bob Dylan – Mississippi
Steve Earle w/the Supersuckers – Creepy Jackelope Eye
Jeff Bridges – Maybe I Missed the Point
Billy Bragg & Wilco – My Flying Saucer
Motorhead – Ace of Spades

Background Music: Menehan Street Band – Make the Road By Walking



“Radio is the theater of the mind; television is the theater of the mindless.” - Steve Allen

Friday, September 2, 2011

Fat Mountain

I’m fat. Let’s get that right out of the way. Morbidly obese, even.

I’ve been a “big guy” my whole life. I did weight watchers my senior year of college and lost 50 pounds; got down to the weight I was as a 13 year old freshman in high school. I’ve dieted several times since then; up and down. Like most guys, I got a little bigger after I got married. When clinical depression set in, I started taking antidepressants, which usually come with a side effect of weight gain. I’ve tried a few different ones, but they all came with more – not less – weight. I got off the medicine for several months a while back and dropped nineteen pounds almost immediately. But, eventually I got back on the medicine and gained the weight back, plus some.

My weight has reached a new record over the past year or so, and I get a lot of comments from people about it. As if I don’t realize it’s happened. “Oh, thank you for pointing that out!!! I’ve been wondering why I’ve had to buy new pant sizes and I’m having a harder time tying my shoes!! Thank God you figured that out!”

I take full ownership of this issue. The medicine I take may have a side effect of weight gain, but I know and acknowledge that I’m the only one that controls what I eat and how much I move.

This weight issue generally comes with feelings of failure and inadequacy. It’s not a complicated thing; eat less, lose weight. When you struggle with something so seemingly easy, it makes you feel pretty worthless. And then when people point out to you that you should be able to do something that should be easy – something I’m already feeling worthless over – well, you can see where the downward spiral sets in.

About a week ago I started eating a lot better. Eating less in general, eating a lot more fruits and veggies, not drinking so much soda, etc. I haven’t noticed any difference physically, but I’ve been feeling better. Better in general.

But, a lady stopped me today and told me how concerned she’s been about me since I’ve gotten so heavy. She said she was concerned and grabbed both of my hands and told me she hoped she hadn’t hurt my feelings, and then asked if indeed she had. “Why, of course not! It feels fantastic when people point out what a fat bastard I am! It makes me think of how disciplined I am and makes me proud of the remarkable self control I possess! It’s also thrilling to know that I look slovenly enough that my appearance is so generally offensive to you that you feel the need to say so, out loud!”

I know, I know…she – and most…but definitely not all…of the other folks who have ever said anything about my weight – probably did mean well. And whether they meant well or not, what they’re saying IS indeed true.

Like most folks, I don’t really LIKE constructive criticism, but I can take it. When I know it’s going to make me a better person, I can deal with it.

I know this health condition is a real threat. Morbidly obese means I’m going to die from something that happens because of my fatness. I realize I’m jeopardizing my future. I realize I may rob my wife of her husband. I hate that. I realize that my condition makes my daughter sad, and that I am potentially limiting my time with her. And that kills me.

But what guts me the most of all is that those things aren’t enough. If you’ve never struggled with weight issues, you may not realize how deep this stuff runs. It ties in with some heavy stuff. Often, some dark stuff.

It sounds so simple; just do better. But, would you say that to a heroin addict and expect them to instantly straight up? I’m not saying weight issues are equal to hardcore drug addiction…but, in their way, they aren’t too different. Drugs represent a crutch to the junkie. It fills some void. It meets some emotional need. Food is my crutch. It should be easy. I should think of those things and eat less. I should think of those things and exercise more.

So, why don’t I?

One possibility, I believe, is self-sabotage. The last time I lost a significant amount of weight, I didn’t like how it made me “feel”. I felt weird. I felt exposed. Am I hiding behind this fat? I’ve heard of people doing that; making themselves unattractive on purpose, or doing something that they know will hold them back in life. What the hell is that about? What am I so afraid of that I could allow this to happen?

Another reason is that being fat is a big F-You. There’s a lot happening in my life right now that I’m not happy with. Most of it, unfortunately, is stuff I have little to no control over. People in general don’t like fat people. Even if it’s not intentional or conscious…they respond a certain way to heavy folks. Big people make some other people feel a certain way; the feeling evokes certain reactions. But, am I so unhappy in these life circumstances that I’d cut my nose off to spite my face in this way?

I mentioned control before, and I believe that’s a huge factor here. I know many young to middle-aged women who have struggled with eating disorders at some point in their lives. Almost all of them have told me that ‘control’ was the main reason – even more than physical appearance or acceptance. Not eating and losing weight was something they felt they themselves had total personal control over. Life happens around us so fast. These girls couldn’t control life. But they could control what they ate and how much they ate. And they could physically see the results. And it was satisfying. Unfortunately, my ‘control’ button is on backwards. It IS an issue of control; but my control works the other way. Food makes me feel happy. The act of eating is comforting. Life is such that I often have no control over feeling happy or good. But, I can eat and feel happy and comforted. Satisfied. So I choose to eat. A choice to be happy and content. For a little while, anyway.

But ultimately, I think my current weight issue comes down to one main thing: a mountain. As I’ve stated, there are a lot of elements of my life that I’m unhappy and unfulfilled in right now. And unfortunately I can’t do much about them. Each one of those circumstances represents an insurmountable obstacle. Some of them, I tackled at full speed, with varying degrees of success. Some of them ended in abject failure. Some of the obstacles, I just stand before and look at. Some of them taunt me; they know I can’t climb them. Trying to climb them all has left me weak and weary. Tired. And I look at this one mountain; my weight. The one mountain I could control pretty easily if I just wanted to bad enough. The one mountain that could have a pretty immediate impact on how I feel about myself if I could just get in gear.

And the last thing I want to do right now is try to climb yet another mountain.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

DIRTY ROOTS RADIO - September 1st Playlist

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Johnny Burnette & His rock 'N' Roll Trio - The Train Kept A-Rollin'
Tom Waits - Bad As Me
Gene Maltais - The Raging Sea
Johnny Thunders - Ask Me No Questions
The The - Dogs of Lust
Roy Ayers - Searching
Cake - Mahna Mahna
Son Volt - Drown
Pacific Gas & Electric - Stagolee
Ten Foot Polecats - Tears On My Windshield
Tom Waits - Goin' Out West
Tom Waits - Make It Rain
Son House - Grinnin' In Your Face
T-Model Ford - Ask Her For Water
Rolling Stones - Rocks Off
Rolling Stones - All Down the Line
The Coasters - Down in Mexico
Link Wray - Rumble
David "Honeyboy" Edwards - Blues Worry Me All the Time
David "Honeyboy" Edwards - Big Fat Mama
Toots & the Maytalls - Pressure Drop
Screamin' Jay Hawkins - Little Bitty Pretty One
Social Distortion - When the Angels Sing
Tom Waits - Bottom of the World
Reverend John Wilkins - You Can't Hurry God
Sister Rosetta Tharpe - Down By the Riverside
Allen Page - She's the One That's Got It
Head Cat - American Beat
Misfits - 20 Eyes
Muddy Waters - Cross Eyed Cat
Bottle Rockets - Mendocino
13th Floor Elevators - You're Gonna Miss Me
John Mellencamp - Save Some Time to Dream
Those Darlins - Be Your Bro
Joe Strummer & Latino Rockabilly War - Trash City
Izzy Stradlin & the JuJu Hounds - Shuffle It All
James Leg - Have to Get It On
Johnny Cash - Thirteen
Greg Brown - Freak Flag
James Keyes - September 31
Tom Waits - Come On Up to the House

Background Music: Budos Band - II



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