Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Friggin' Mouse

A commercial came on TV while I was working on the computer. I was paying attention to it only peripherally. For some reason it made me think of Disney World. I couldn’t say why…but there it was.

My wife’s been on a big kick lately about trying to get our family on a Disney vacation. I want to, but I’m doing the fatherly thing; concerned about money…trying to hold off on it, save it for later, Kate will remember it better when she's a little older, blah-blah-blah...

Anyway, I realized eventually that the commercial I’ve been hearing is, in fact, for Disney World.

And they really start working me. Make forever family memories before its too late! and all that jazz.

And of course, I can totally see right through it...





But then, they show a family at Disney world, with the focus on the dad and his little girl…the little girl runs up to meet Cinderella's prince...and they get to the line, “Because it won’t be long before she finds her own Prince Charming”.

Prince Charming...the schemer that will take my little girl away from me...And who will somehow probably do it even sooner if I don't provide my four-year-old with a memorable Disney experience, like NOW.

And it was all I could do, not to sit on my couch, alone, in the middle of the night and TOTALLY SOB.

Mickey, you miserable bastard.

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