Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Four Year Old's Take On the Justice System

This morning, when I picked my four year old daughter up from preschool, I had to cut the steering wheel really fast to avoid hitting a truck parked in front of me. Not bad driving on my part, just a precarious parking situation in general.

When she saw/felt the car swerve, she immediately said…

KATE: Wow, it’s a good thing you didn’t hit that truck. You’d have to go to jail.

ME: No, they don’t put you in jail for having an accident like that.

KATE: They don’t?!?!

ME: Nope. I’ve been in car accidents before.

KATE: Did you go to jail?

ME: No.

KATE: They probably let you out because they knew you had a kid coming.

ME: No…this was way before I knew I was having you.

KATE: Huh…You don’t want to go to jail. They have HARD beds in jail.

So, the morals of the story are:
1) Don’t do anything even as minor as hit another car or you might go to jail.
2) If you do go to jail and you have a kid on the way, they might let you out.
3) The reason you don’t want to go to jail is that the beds are uncomfortable.

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