Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Daughter, The Four Year Old Feminist

Today while trying to get to work in good time, I mentioned “the boss”. My daughter said, “I thought your boss wasn’t there anymore”. He’s not. I explained to her that there’s ALWAYS a boss. And while they look for a replacement for my former boss, my former boss’s boss is now filling in as the temporary boss.

She thought for a few minutes and said, “I hope I never get fired. I hope YOU never get fired.”

Yeah, me, too.

She said, “If you do, you’ll have to go work at CVS!” My wife works part time in the pharmacy at our local CVS.

Kate laughed when she said I would have to work there. I asked her why.

“Cause you’ll be there with all those ladies!” Except for one PRN pharmacist, all staff members in that location happen to be women.

I asked if she thought it was a job just for ladies. No.

Would it be OK for me to work in a place with all ladies? Yes.

I told her I’d worked in two different banks a long time ago. Both times I was the only guy.

I asked if she thought there were jobs for boys and jobs for girls. “No…just jobs for everybody.”

So, should I work at CVS?


But not because I’m a boy?

“No. ‘Cause Mommy works there. And husbands and wives can’t work together. ‘Cause they’ll be kissing and kissing and hugging and hugging and never get any work done.”

I love her interpretation of marriage. And I love her interpretation of equality in doing any job she wants.

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