Monday, October 8, 2012

DIRTY ROOTS RADIO - Listener-Submitted Birthday Playlist

Sunday marked my 35th birthday and I posted on my Dirty Roots Radio Facebook page that I wanted a present from willing fans of the page; I asked anyone who was into it to dedicate one song to me.  One song that they would choose as a gift to someone.  Maybe their favorite song.  Maybe one that they remember being significant to them when they were 35.  Any old thing.

Below are the videos submitted and the accompanying comments.

Thanks to everyone who took a second to share a song!!  As I knew it would be, the list turned out perfect! Some of my favorites...some that were totally new to me...some old favorites I hadn't heard in a while.  Great stuff!  Thanks ya'll!!!  Talk to you Thursday!!

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Submitted by Ross from North Dakota...

"My number one MC5 song and probably in my top 10 of all songs."

Submitted by Joni from St. Louis...

"I think you know why!  Hope you have a doggy-dog birthday, Doodie!!!"

[Joni and I used to work at a radio station in St. Louis together.  I was the morning show producer and she worked in the Marketing Department.  I had the opportunity to interview George Clinton before a show in St. Louis and Joni was in the studio with me when I called George in his hotel room to set up the details.  We totally woke him up.  At something like 1 in the afternoon.  It was hilarious.  We got to hang out with the Atomic Dog on his bus before the show and it's a lifelong memory.

The whole Doodie thing.....that's because I call Joni "Doodie-Head" and she thinks she's cute so she calls me that, too. ...  ;-D  Just kidding, Doodie!!  I kid because I love!

From Brett in New Jersey...

"May your birthday be as big and rockin' as this."

From Lefty in Cincinnati...

"How about something from Our Founder?"

From Amy in Chicago...

"Happy birthday!  Shake ya ass to this one"

From Warren in California...

"Happy birthday, Miff!  T-Model Ford led me to Dirty Roots Radio!  CHICKEN!"

From Tawny in California...

"Happy birthday!  I turn 35 in January.  Here is my song for you!"  

          Whole lotta things that I'd like to do.  A lot in this world that I'd like to do.

          Well, I never had sex in a hurricane
          Ran around naked in the pouring rain
          Never been to New Guinea or built an igloo
          But that don't mean that I wouldn't like to

From Allen in Chicago...

"Happy birthday!  I know that you're not much of a Beatles fan, but hopefully this may change your mind a bit."  

From Victoria in Colorado...

"Hope you had a fabulous day!  This is one of my most favorite songs ever from one of my most favorite bands...Listening to this when I was about 17 on 8-track is one of the reasons I will need hearing aids soon!"

From Britney in Guatemala...


From Nick in Illinois...

"These things remind me of Ferris Bueller's take on things...'Life moves pretty fast.  You don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.'  So for both our sake, here is "White Daisy Passing" by Rocky Votolato.  I guess it could be interpreted many different ways, but it speaks to me like this: Passing moments don't last, try to recognize those little moments that will mean the most to you when you look back on them in the future.  You can't recreate them, you can only remember them."

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