Thursday, October 11, 2012

DIRTY ROOTS RADIO - October 11th Playlist

Remember earlier tonight, when I mentioned on the Dirty Roots Radio Facebook page that since today's date was 10-11-12 that it must signify some kind of good luck and that some god hoodoo was in line for the show tonight? 

Yeah..not so much.

We were beset with inexplicable technical issues (AGAIN) tonight and the online stream didn't work.  I made it through the first hour before I confirmed that all online listeners had in fact lost touch (some were able to tune in for a while, others not at all).

Anyway...I wanted to extend both my sincerest apologies for the difficulties and, especially, my deepest of gratitude to those who attempted to tune in.  

As I often say, it means a GREAT DEAL to me that you make an effort to listen.  This show is my baby...a labor of love...and when someone takes the time and effort to check it out, that's an incredible thing to me.  So it's extra upsetting then when things don't go right from the technical standpoint.

I'm on the lookout for some good options for the show, including an internet station, or perhaps an archive/podcast.  There are lots of factors with each (money, equipment, etc.), but the biggest is the simple fact that I really enjoy doing the show LIVE without a net.  Recording it in advance doesn't hold the same thrill.

At any rate...I'll keep working on it and doin' what I do...and you keep (hopefully) tuning in and (hopefully) loving it!!!  (When the hamster stays on the wheel and powers the online stream appropriately, anyway!!!)

Tune in to Dirty Roots Radio every Thursday night from 8 to 10 p.m. (central) at

The Persuasions – Chain Gang
Johnny Cash – A Boy Named Sue
The Atmospheres – The Fickle Chicken
The Tempests – Lemon Lime
Little Willie John – I’m Shakin’
Ding Dongs – Sweet Thing
Del Satins – Feelin’ No Pain
The Excels – Let’s Dance
The Premiers – Firewater
The Premiers – Daytona
The Premiers – Little Angel Face
Wanda Jackson – Tore Down
Dale Hawkins – L.A. Memphis Tyler Texas
Andre Williams – Its Only You That I Love
The Mekons – Sin City
The Rhythm Rockers – Twang
John the Conqueror – I Just Wanna
Johnny Guitar Watson – The Bear
The Bottle Rockets – Come On
The Dinosaurs – Behind Enemy Lines
Cherokee – Funky Business
Wanda Jackson – Pushover



"Bad music can make you weak."  - Ry Cooder

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