Monday, June 17, 2013

Listener-Submitted Father's Day Playlist

In celebration of Father's Day, I asked Dirty Roots Radio listeners to submit "Dad appropriate" songs...or, least songs about Dad in some way.

Here's what you came up with!

A few suggestions that I shared to start the ball rolling...

The Temptations: "Papa Was A Rolling Stone"

James Brown: "Papa Don't Take No Mess" (also submitted by listener Doug from Maine...great minds, dude....seriously)

Johnny Cash: "A Boy Named Sue"

Two From Lefty in Ohio:

Luther Vandross: "Dance With My Father"

Shep & the Limelights: "Daddy's Home"

Listener Doug from Maine submitted a few...

Bruce Springsteen: "Adam Raised A Cain" (I freakin' love this song...)

NRBQ: "Daddy-O" (but I couldn't find a video...sorry, ya'll)

Credence Clearwater Revival: "Someday Never Comes"

JB in Virginia submitted two...

Steve Goodman: "My Old Man"

Chet Atkins: "I Still Can't Say Goodbye"

And Melissa in Ohio shared a whole handful of suggestions...

Elton John: "My Father's Gun"

Queen: "Father To Son"

Bruce Springsteen: "My Hometown"

Clarence Carter: "Patches"

I think we got 'em all in there.  Thanks, everyone, for your contributions...some great ones here!!!

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