Monday, June 17, 2013

Listener Submitted "Guaranteed Good Day" Song Playlist

So, I started a new job today.  And before we get into the playlist, let me just say that I have been amazed and humbled and so touched by the support and encouragement and concern that everyone in the Dirty Roots family has shown me the past several weeks.  I learned in mid-April that my job was being outsourced and shared the news on the Dirty Roots Radio Facebook page and on the show.  Immediately, I received emails and Facebook messages from listeners, sending uplifting messages, offering advice, suggesting job search engines, sending links to specific job posting, suggesting good places to apply, etc.

I was happy to announce last Thursday night on the show that I'd accepted a new job offer and would be gainfully employed as of today....and, again, immediately I received many messages, this time, all well wishes and congratulations.

This morning as I left for work, I received messages wishing me luck, etc.  After work today, a few of you even checked in to see how it went.

The fact that you all, people I've never even met in person, would even go to the trouble to remember the specifics of my start date, etc., is humbling, beautiful, and beyond awesome.  I always say we have a really cool community vibe going happening on the Dirty Roots Radio Facebook page and I consider all of you friends...but this experience has been amazing.  And you know how I feel about THAT over-used word... ;-)

So, get the big day of the new job started right, this morning I asked what your go-to "Get Pumped Up" or "Guaranteed Good Day" song was.  Here were the suggestions:

Dave in Iowa came through with a whole handful...

The Call: "The Walls Came Down"

The Call: "Let The Day Begin"

Jake Bugg: "Lightning Bolt"

Lefty in Ohio submitted...

The Gap Band: "Early In The Morning"

And, Tom in Wisconsin submitted two...

Old 97's: "Coahula" 

The Beat Farmers: "Happy Boy"

And for good measure I'll throw in MY good-day song...this has been my go-to tune since it came out a couple of years back, from my favorite band of all time...

Social Distortion: "Far Side Of Nowhere"

Thanks again, ya'll, for the encouragement, kind words, support, and concern!!  It means so much!

And thanks to everyone who contributed songs for the playlist...I love the variety we get on these listener-submitted lists...always some good stuff!

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