Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Jake Bugg - Messed Up Kids: Great Song, Unnecessary Video

Jake Bugg is promoting a new video for his song "Messed Up Kids" to hype his upcoming EP of the same name.  I'm not gonna link to it here, because the screen shot features three naked girls from the video, which is made up of footage of Bugg and the naked girls performing as a "band".  To be fair, the video doesn’t have much nudity; it’s mostly a tight shot on him with snippets of the girls.  But all of the promotion for it has featured several still shots of the girls with Bugg in all their glory.

The thing that makes this so odious is that Jake Bugg doesn't NEED that to sell his art.  His stuff doesn’t lack quality.  He’s one of my favorite artists of the past few years and his material is just killer.  He's about as good as a young musician gets.  Robin Thicke, who pulled a similar stunt last year, is a schmuck who NEEDED the nudity to sell a song that he had someone else produce for him.  By ripping off Marvin Gaye, no less.  Yeah, “Blurred Lines” sure was catchy…but I maintain that I could have performed Robin Thicke’s part and it would have still been just as much of an earworm.  The producers made it sound good.  The nudity created the necessary hype.

Now, before I do the inevitable and mention my daughter, let me just say…I’m not a prude.  I like purty girls as much as the next guy and this whole thing is not just a stodgy reaction to the fear that someday daddy’s little girl will grow up to be – gasp – a sexual being.  I know that day’s coming.

It’s just that this is the third video in a year or so from a major artist consisting of completely pointless nudity designed only to generate hype (Justin Timberlake being #3, who, like Bugg doesn’t need such idiocy to make up for a lack of talent).

Someday my now-six-year-old daughter will grow up.  By that point I can only imagine that these kinds of videos will be commonplace and old hat.  And I already see so many damaging messages coming her way.   She already wants to wear skinny jeans and those tight leggings I see on every college girl under the sun, wants to wear shirts that show her tummy, and actually tells us she wants to be sexy.  And this is a kid coming from a household where mom doesn’t do those things and we don’t even have television!

It kills me to think that an artist as talented as Jake Bugg thinks he needs to do this to get attention.  It kills me even more to think that my daughter may watch one of these videos someday, created by her favorite singer/artist, and wish that she was one of those girls because she thinks that’s what it takes to get attention. 

Dick move, Jake Bugg.

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