Thursday, August 13, 2015


Had a heavy heart all day today. About a lot of things. Lotta different strands runnin' through the mind. Some things about the world...but most of it personal stuff in my own head.

When I get that way, I always think if I can get ahold of a clean end of just one of those jumbled thoughts, I'll unravel it all on the air. We're all friends, right?

But it was all to jammed up. Sometimes I think I feel like if I slow down enough to start unwinding some of those thoughts on the air, and let those thoughts out...that the feelings will catch up to me and get me, or something.

I'm not even sure I know what that means...but it's how I felt tonight. Every time I'd start to share...I'd have to keep shufflin', keep spinnin', keep movin', keep playin'...

Ah, but (outside of a mislabeled and therefore aggravatingly misplaced Willie Nelson song) the muse brought the healin' feelin'. And, ultimately, that was what I needed. Time just FLEW by tonight.

It did my heart good. Thank you for sharing it with me.

I hope you enjoy...

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