Thursday, December 3, 2015


What a cluster-F...uh, mess of a show!  I almost didn't even want to archive it.  But, A) it is what it is.  And B) tonight was a unique illustration of how the show helps me, and what happens when I'm off the air for a week.

See...when the show is the only exercise a fella gets...and is the only therapy a guy who needs a lot of therapy gets...not doing the show for a week takes a toll.

I get all jammed up inside...and while you'd think getting back on the air would work all that's not that smooth.  It's more like whatever has the system jammed up all falls out in one fell swoop, and then it's something like a bear being shot with a tranquilizer.

I anticipated being wound up all night and going crazy.  I ended up getting the jam-up out of my system early on then running out of gas.

BUT!  We found the weirdness at the end and we got back on track.

What does all this mean...or have to do with anything...ugh, I don't know.  Live radio man.

Like I always say, when you do it the way I do it and it's can truly do something special.  Or you can crash and burn.

Either way - or usually, when it's somewhere in between - you just gotta walk away from the wreckage with a smile on your face.

I hope you enjoy something here...


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