What The People Say

“I've tuned in every week since I first discovered him.  He can be all over the spectrum with regards to artists.  He’s paying more attention to a sound than the ‘genre’ of an artist.   But the BEST PART is that he’s a real DJ.  He’s picking the tunes himself.  Sometimes in real time.  Sometimes with a plan.  Sometimes not.  He tells you about the band and the song and the artists.  I love it.  I recommend it.  You can find me listening every Thursday night.”

- Melissa (Ohio)

“I love the passion and excitement Ryan has for music! I have been introduced to so many artists through the show and the Facebook page - most of them are not my normal style and I don't necessarily listen to them on a regular basis, but I appreciate how Ryan helps me discover new music. It's fun to change up my playlist every once in a while and Dirty Roots is definitely the place to help accomplish that!”

- Erin (Indiana)

“We dig what you do brother, the shows a highlight.   Stumbling on to your gig has been fun.  Even when I can't tune in, I go looking for the playlist to see what I missed or to just go ‘what the hell was that?!’  Listening in, same thing, I'm serious, just when I thought ‘there's no cool music I haven't heard’, you turn me on to stuff, well, I haven't heard!”

- Brother JB & Sister JenniBelle (Ohio)

“Always an excellent and informative selection of music and music-related bits. The host, Ryan, has a great perspective on the roots music he presents, and adds a unique twist to everything. Dirty Roots is where it's at on a Thursday night. . .”

- Carl (Kansas)

 “Dirty Roots is the only radio show that truly keeps me engaged throughout the entire show.  I never even think about changing the dial when Dirty Roots is on!” 

- Jeremy (St. Louis)

“Always 5 stars!!! Always a good time! He plays some of our favorite, underplayed elsewhere artists! Can't resist!”

- Victoria (Colorado)

“I like the ‘human feeling’ that the Dirty Roots Radio Show produces. I like the connection between all the listeners and that you give shout outs to people who comment on social media. I love knowing who's listening throughout the world. A lot of the music that you play, I've never been exposed to before, so I really enjoy listening to that.” 

- Gregg (Wisconsin)

"I have known Miff for more than 15 years, through these years he's constantly been involved in radio, whether it be from his days in college radio, to his days in professional radio, and now with his weekly independent show, Dirty Roots Radio. Every Thursday night, my wife and I look forward to tuning in for Dirty Roots. Miff plays music we know and love, as well as introducing us to new music."

- Jason (St. Louis)

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